Ultraq's Final MooCow

Bits and pieces by Emanuel Rabina



Now it seems as if every piece of software on my PC wants to update itself or download something over the internet (my calendar suddenly has all the appointments I loaded at work, iTunes wants to download all my podcast subscriptions 10 times over, and my firewall/antivirus is already getting a tonne of updates), so I'll let them all fight for bandwidth while I catch-up on my 'watch later' YouTube backlog.

15 days though... FFS! Last night when it all got resolved, it's as if Orcon finally got my message: I got a Tweet from them saying they think the problem is fixed now and could I please check (I was at work at the time, so couldn't check), I got a call on my mobile soon afterwards asking the same thing, and then a few hours later I got the same guy ringing up to make sure that it's OK now I was at home (it was, although it did cut out for about 10 minutes until I restarted the router), before another call from someone who was ringing to credit my account for the days I was without internet + extra for the inconvenience.

Where were all these people 10-15 days ago? :(

I'm glad it's over, but I think it'll take a while until the suppressed anger subsides. I'm still wary of the internet connection falling apart and find myself checking the internet light on the router whenever I pass it by. You know, just in case.

Racism - just in case