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Northern Explorer

Holy moly an update!

Lessons from Hollywood

Too old for my shirt?

San Francisco 2013, Part 5 - Day 4

San Francisco 2013, Part 4 - Day 3

San Francisco 2013, Part 3 - Day 2

San Francisco 2013, Part 2 - Day 1

San Francisco 2013, Part 1 - Day 0

October Sigh

An honest goodbye

Cutting the fat

On my way to sunny California - via Thymeleaf

Listen to the silence

My frenemy, the sun

2013 starts with... programming?!?

With my permission

Everything's alright

Giving up on baking, again, temporarily

Smartphones: the gateway to my demise

Ow, my face

Information diet

Bye grandma, granddad

October is the best month - part 4

October is the best month - part 3

October is the best month - part 2

October is the best month - part 1


Choosing sides

You fail sometimes

Free lunch


Black Forest Gateau 1.1, Cake Box 1.0

Masterchef'd to death


New traditions

Worse than my dentist

Things matter, and then they don't

Annual leave - week 2 of 2

I wake up exhausted

Annual leave - week 1 of 2

Early bird

Learning, re-learning


Sarcasm not necessary

More than useless

The day the letters died

Hidden costs

Angry birds

Accidental vegetarian

Spirits high


6+ years in the making

Bad day

Being wasteful - The hangover

Being wasteful

Back to the meat grinder

Tweets from the mountaintop

Where's my devilled sausages?


Egg rolling (I'm doing it wrong)


Old school

Strawberry Fare(well) - part 2

Strawberry Fare(well) - part 1

TMDA (Too Many Damn Acronyms)

The sounds of silence

Socially awkward me

My life is average (.com)

Library categories

"Grow facial hair" they said

An age-old question

Skiing times

Today is a Claire/Clare day

I think my mp3 player is alive

Leading by example

Internet exposure

French chameleon

Mother's Day gone by

Dicks on walls

Slipping under the radar


The economics of friendship

Hello low-speed internet

Hello low-pressure water

Hello hay fever

Seasonal changes

Not-so-nameless neighbours

Welcoming 2009

No time for myself

My first bill

"...growing up is optional."