Ultraq's Final MooCow

Bits and pieces by Emanuel Rabina

Extended April Fools

While today is technically the 2nd of April in my timezone, it's only just begun to be the 1st of April on the Internet.

Every year, I tell myself to be wary of news posted on the 1st, taking everything that comes my way with a questionable look and a raised eyebrow, so that I won't be so easily fooled by jokes that, when played to a much younger version of myself, would have had me emotionally crash in disappointment after the initial excitement when I was being fooled.

And it's not only the 1st, but when you're roughly 20 hours ahead of where the majority of the Internet lives, then you gotta prepare yourself for a 2-day onslaught of 'creative journalism'.

Bacon in a squeezable bottle from ThinkGeek
Too good to be true?

Why is it I can get fooled so easily by the Internet when it's already full of pranksters desensitizing my funny bones with their remarks that are ever so full of wit and sarcasm?
I guess it's because, for these 2 days on the calendar, the news finally tells me what I want to hear.

Yes I want to hear about Obama abandoning companies like of AIG, yes I think it's awesome that StarCraft 2 will have a gigantic transforming robot, yes I would love to get double the bandwidth on my internet connection, and yes I would like bacon sauce with my fries thank you very much.

So slowly, April Fools is becoming more and more a day for me to dream on how much more awesome life could be.