Anime Jess

This is a picture of Jessica, a friend of mine and a really great person. Before I started this one, she had only ever seen some of my older pictures. I was directing her to my latest drawing, when she asked:

"Hey, why don't you draw one of me?"

I was surprised by that, and I quickly jumped on the idea.

"Either way, I reckon it'll be lovely." what she proceeded to say. She must've had some real faith in my abilities.

After about 2 pages worth of sketches of the things she wears, her hairstyle, and of course her, I managed to create 2 pictures. The first sketch was alright, but I had too much trouble fixing the errors that plagued it. So it never even got scanned. The second sketch is what you see above (just imagine no colours, no background, some crappy shading, and some sketch notes).

And it got coloured-in very quickly after scanning. I put most of my spare time into it. But I went on adding everything I knew, and anything new (in the way of colouring) that I learned, to the picture to make it look nice, hence, taking another week to finish it. Some 4th generation colouring (what my brother calls my technique level, compared to my first pic) and a misty background later, I was DONE!