Boundaries Of Heaven

In this drawing, I take a departure from my usual pictures of people, and make an attempt at a terrain/space picture. When I first started drawing, terrain was what I was good at; I could create vast landscapes and environments, but only ever in sketches on paper. Transferring this into a digital realm has proven much harder and I lack techniques and experience in this sort of thing, as is made evident by the simplicity of the mountains and clouds in the picture. Water, the sun, and celestial bodies, those are the best parts in the drawing. In other words, anything that can create or reflect light I've already got some sort of technique down for creating them.

That aside, this picture was partly inspired by the view from a balcony I was on recently. The sketch was made rather hastily (< 1 hour), and after scanning it, I started out with some basic landscape/skyline/sunset/space gradients. And then I just worked from there.