Hold My Breath

Once again, another picture with the focus on the hair - now I don't really think I have to fear it any longer. It may not be perfect, but it's at a level I can create easily enough while still looking close to the real thing. And since it's been the focus of my pictures for so - many - years, I really think it's time to move on and start focusing on some other aspects.

Now that I have this holiday break from university, I wanted to create another drawing. A long time ago, somewhere on the internet, I saw a picture very similar to what I have drawn above. It was a simple photography shot of someone holding their breath in what looked like blue bathtub water. The waviness of the hair, the distortion of the image created by the ripples, and the general blue colour and feeling really appealed to me. I couldn't remember where I found it, or remember the exact details, but I had that image in my mind, and I used that to guide me.

Update: I have found the original photo, which is located here.

What I haven't managed to successfully do is make it look as if the nose is being squeezed shut. Another questionable bit is the hand: you may be seeing the subject's left arm, but it is the right hand that is being used to hold their nose.

I decided to skip distorting the picture with ripples because I didn't want to mutate it. I really wanted the waviness of the hair to shine through, and I think I have managed to do just that.