I've been trying some realistic drawings recently, but none were very good at all. So I took a pretty long break from drawing, until one of my friends complained recently and out of spite I told myself to make another realistic-esque drawing. All it took was one night where I couldn't go to sleep, so I popped open the drawing book, discman, and the album of Our Lady Peace, Gravity. I basically just copied the picture of Raine straight-off the album cover, which is in sorta black and white, making it easier for me to see where to shade. The picture only took the length of the album from start to finish (about 45 minutes), and you can see I got lazy with the top of the hair. Unfortunately, my drawing book wasn't tall enough on a landscape orientation, and so I couldn't draw more hair up the top, making his head look a bit squished! Either way, I'm happy with it, I just hope my critical critic of a friend thinks so too (you can see her name in the bottom-left corner).