My first wallpaper in a long time, and one of my most emotive pieces to date.

On the morning of a weekend I particularly looked forward to, I was told some rather shocking news over MSN; news that turned my world upside-down. Couple that with the number of books I am reading at the moment, and I tried my best to attach a narrative to that morning:

If this were told to me in-person, I would not have been able to mask my reactions: my hands started shaking, I began a light sweat, my stomach felt as if it were twisting in on itself, and my vision blurred as my eyes desperately tried to focus on some truth behind the words that were displayed on the screen; as if there were some meaning hidden between the pixels to reassure me that what I had just read was all a joke.

Suffice it to say, the impact was great and heavy. The final pillar holding-up the view of the world I loved and held dear - finally taken away from its supporting role by none other than the owner of that pillar - now to be used as an exclamation mark to close the sentence that described an era that had been the best of my life.

Truth be told, the news isn't actually bad, just something that has hit me harder than the euphoria that should be associated with it. I should be supportive, or glad, but all I feel is... I don't know: less significant, stupid...

...and alone.

The picture, and my attempts to describe that moment with metaphor, were my outlets to help me cope with the situation. I poured so much of that emo angst into it, so you don't really even need to be an abstract thinker to see the correlation between that picture, and my story. The picture and writing have helped, but not entirely. I'm going to let time deal to the rest of it, although time and I have never been on the best of terms.