Shelter From The Storm

My first made-for-widescreen wallpaper, as well as my first to (loosely) incorporate an image from my other drawing style.

There isn't too much of a story behind this one as with the others. Instead of the emotion that is usually the motivation for my pictures, this one was propelled forward from several other factors. Firstly, I was going to get a new laptop for work which has a widescreen ratio, so I really wanted to have something that took advantage of that screen. Secondly, I've always wanted to create something closer to what I intended when I made this wallpaper (this image was almost called 'Safety in Light 2.0'). Lastly, it's been so long since I did these, that I just had to go back and make sure that I wasn't getting rusty.

So yes, the original intent behind Safety in Light was to have a central planet, protected on all sides by either a single apparition or several high-tech-looking devices. This time I opted for the apparition because I thought it about time to draw something with angel wings (I even sketched the apparition beforehand). Sure it may be somewhat cliché, but the whole idea of angels or protective spirits has always had a home in my imagination.

My sort of angel would have wings that can protect against all the tangible things, and an aura that can drown the dull lifeless colours from the world's palette. They would emit strength from all their virtues that you would feel nothing but warmth and hope from being in their proximity. And in their hands, they would bear you in the purest safety, basked in a light that would turn night into day, but not cause you to squint so you could be in awe of all of it's beauty.

Oh, and apparently my angels have red hair, pale skin, and light flowing garments. Haha.