The Path Of Angels

This picture attempts to describe certain people on this world with whom I have had the privilege to befriend. Particularly, I spent most of my time trying to capture the sheer light and brilliance that they emit. To do this, I've used comets.

Like comets, their arrivals from perihelion to aphelion and every other movement in-between, can be calculated, mapped, and planned. This gives us estimates of when they may be visible in the skies above, and for those who eagerly await their arrivals, gives us something to look forward to. For stargazers, the sight can be quite spectacular, and given the rarity of such events, can make the stargazer feel quite special; in-touch with something a bit greater than themselves.

However, even with our knowledge of their behaviour, it is not uncommon for comets to just disappear from their expected orbits. From the ground, there's not a lot we can do to comets except stare at them in awe. Out there, they'll find their way amongst dozens of other planets, reappearing and disappearing from our lives with their semi-regular schedules.

Personally, I admire the view; my arm and hand outstretched with foolish hopes that the passing lights can describe to me the worlds they have seen, maybe even take me along for the ride. Despite the distance, they seem much closer when I look back to remember the impact they have had on my life, and the time they have occupied my thoughts. Beacuse ultimately, the path of angels... is through my soul.