Amazon Yesterday Shipping changes your reality, my dreams

The Information Diet is going well so far. Now that I've had some more time to get some quality sleep, those good old dreams of mine have found some room to fester and gestate inside my head, and sleep has suddenly become both refreshing and awesome all over again.

Have you ever had one of those lucid dreams before - ones where you're in your dream, aware it is a dream, and so can control your dream world in sweet whoa-I've-got-magic-powers ways? I've had a handful of those ones in my lifetime - they're easily the most memorable of all the dreams I've ever had - but last week, instead of being aware it was a dream, I had a dream where I felt fully awake, but wasn't aware it was a dream at all.

I think my brain got the idea for this sort of dream with this video, posted by a mate of mine on Facebook, and watched by me just an hour before I went to sleep that night:

Previous dream posts have already said that I take many of my dream settings and ideas from reality, and my favourite line from the above video has to be where the woman from the Amazon support team explains Yesterday Shipping with the line: "No no sir, your reality just changed." And with that, my brain had the wonderful idea of altering the 'reality' of my dreams.

During my dreams lots of strange things happen and I don't ever seem to question how things got to where they were. I never question why I can fly, why I have possession of an FTL-capable spacecraft, or why my friend Giles and I are fighting off hordes of gargoyles as they attempt to attack a village of refugees from the human/gargoyle war. That all changed on the night of the Amazon Yesterday Shipping video when I believe I had, according to Wikipedia anyway, a type 2 false awakening.

When I first became 'aware', I was standing in a shower (clothed or not, I can't remember, but I was clothed in the next part without a 'putting clothes on' continuity). It wasn't my shower as it was mostly metal (mine is some kind of fake ceramic), and I first thought it odd that the shower nozzle control knob had changed position from where it was previously. I got out, explored a bit, and found that this wasn't my apartment either, although the configuration was very similar (almost a mirror image of my place).

Standing in the lounge thinking what the hell..., my dad walked in from behind the corner of the hallway and asked how I was doing. I started telling him that something strange was happening before my awareness began to question how the heck my dad suddenly showed-up when I had already explored the place and found nobody else here.

I stopped mid-sentence with that realization, and turned my head to find a small black and white kitten in the apartment that looked very much like the first kitten my friend Melissa took care of a few months back (the kitten's name was Faith). I followed the kitten as it ran through the apartment, confirmed that it was Faith, and got my cellphone out to ring up Melissa and tell her Faith was here, wherever 'here' was. Melissa must have known because she knocked on the door soon afterwards.

I let her in, found Faith sitting on my bed, and when I went to try get her, 3 more kittens suddenly appeared and I didn't know which one to pick up. I sat on the floor, staring at all the kittens everywhere, and said aloud to Melissa who was sitting across the other side of the bed, that I think I'm going crazy.

Thank you for ordering the crazy cat lady starter kit

I had always accused Melissa of becoming a crazy cat lady ever since she joined the kitten fostering program, but now I was going crazy because I was seeing kittens all over the place where there were no kittens previously. While I was moping about my nervous breakdown someone else walked into the room, headset on and a clipboard in hand, looking like he worked the backstage are of a theatre, telling me I was on in 5 minutes. On in what? I thought. Right then it felt like a whole bunch of memories of another life that I didn't lead were injected into my head, and I knew then that I was expected on stage in 5 minutes for an improv comedy night that I was a part of.

I had prepared nothing it's an 'improvisation' night of course) but didn't know what to say. When I was up, I think I just started talking about some funnier stories from my past, and that seemed to gel with the crowd really well.

I don't remember too much of the improv comedy routines, only the bit afterwards when I was done and wanted to go to the toilet. I was back in the mystery apartment (which was apparently the backstage area of this small theatre that I was at), opening the door to what I thought was the toilet, which instead looked like a room inspired by one of the paintings from Picasso's cubism period. My brother was there, sitting on one of the strange shapes, playing and singing the guitar.

My WTF metre must have gone off the charts then because after that, I woke up. For realsies this time.