BEDA buddies unite!

I thought today was going to be another struggle to come up with something to blog about, but as I sat down in-front of the keyboard to write my post, the RSS reader popped-up a new item. The item: our matches (BEDA buddy assignments) were ready.

Despite being only 3 days ago, it feels like a long time since I talked about the BEDA buddy system and threw my name into the proverbial sorting hat in the hopes that in groups we'd be able to help each other through our Blog Every Day April commitments. Now that we're grouped-up, I went in search of my BEDA buddies to learn a little bit about them.

DeCoolz loves American Idol. That is, loves with a <3. I don't think I've ever talked about American Idol, I mean REALLY talked about it. A search through my previous posts reveals that it gets a passing mention in The BEDA Buddy System post, and the post where I talk about breakfast (WTF?). My friends probably already know I'm an American Idol fan - and have been since last year from the Top 10 onwards - but the only other people I can really talk about it with are my family. So, DeCoolz, I think we'll get along just fine :)

Ephiphany Renee is a fan of rock music, in particular, The Used (which may not feature prominently in my music collection but it's there nonetheless). She also recently bought a copy of Devilish, which is the first Maureen Johnson book I read that in turn got me hooked on the author. There's certainly enough there to start a dialogue.

Kaitlyn (from the university of Michigan) - I'm finding hard to put into words what our common ground could be. There's nothing immediately obvious in her bio, but as I read through her blog posts for BEDA I started feeling like I could relate as they were mostly about her transitioning to university life. OK, so university is far behind me, but I have a good memory of those days and experiences which in turn shaped me into the person I am today.

So, to my BEDA buddies if you're reading this, here's to hoping that only good things can come out of our grouping, and here's a semi-relevant picture to go with it.

Cat group hug
Group hug!