Experimental theme

A few posts ago I said I was gonna try create a new theme for the site to test how flexible the new HTML code was. After almost a month, the new theme is finally done! Note, that the theme is still experimental, and currently only works for a small subset of people: those with the latest browsers and a screen resolution with roughly 800 pixels vertically within the browser's viewing area. Cookies are also required to have the theme 'stick' after the initial switch.

So if despite that disclaimer you wish to forge ahead, clicky clicky: Click! To switch back to the original theme, you can click here, or clear out the cookies from this site. I have the theme-switching mechanism available on the About page (until I find a place where I think it's better suited), where I'll be listing all (2) available themes and a small blurb about them.

If you've clicked the theme-switching link and don't know what's going on, what happened is that I've changed the stylesheet file that your browser requests when it views the site, but the rest of the HTML code stays exactly the same. This is similar to the sort of thing you'll find at the CSS Zen Garden. I've cheated a little here, in that each theme can also have an accompanying custom script. This is so that I can sneak in some Ajax stuff into the site, which if you didn't know is one of the technologies responsible for making many of your favourite Web 2.0 sites feel more responsive and dynamic. I want to add some Ajax to the display pages so that an entirely new layout doesn't have to be loaded when you click to view one of my pictures or writings, thus creating a more seamless transition.

Well, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

Update: multiple themes no longer exist.