Hwo to write!?!11

So it was a bit of a slow day at work: I had read and responded to all the e-mails specifically addressed to me, and I had finished all my assigned tasks. Then I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:30am :(

So what does a bored office-worker trying to kill time do? Hit the Internet.

No, I wasn't looking for anything like Hold The Button, but in my search for nothing in particular, I found my way back at the blog of John C. Wright. I've mentioned him before - something to do with one of his books about some guy named Phaethon and a wallpaper I made, and I liked his critique of Jumper - and after reading some of his posts, you start to get a distinct impression about him which I will just describe as 'weird' because adjectives fail me and I can't seem to get to thesaurus.com right now. I started to wonder if his style of blogging (which happens to be similar to what I've read on other writers' blogs/sites) is something indicative of a writer, some sort of writer's disease, or is some prerequisite to becoming a writer. Lo and behold, Mr Wright himself provided the link to answer my questions:

Suddenly, it all made sense.