Jennifer Connelly & space travel

A new piece of space art in the wallpapers section, and my entry to another competition on deviantArt:

In researching some of the background behind that image, I came across the Live Journal site of the author of the books from which I drew a bit of inspiration. I expected a couple of things while the page was loading, but what I didn't expect was for his posts to make me laugh. Particularly, this reply to a comment on his 'classification' of what makes sci-fi a sci-fi:

Normally, it would count, except that you only used one exclamation point, and did not use all caps for any word; looking carefully, I do not see anywhere that you say you "pwned" me for my n00b3i ski1z -- which would have meant, by the rules of the Internet, that you made your point and won your argument.

Instead you use evidence to fit a definition, submit what amounts to a reasoned proof to prove your point, and attempt to appeal to reason. This is not the way of the Internet. Get with the Information Age! The Age of Reason is over!

Give it a read. Like me, you might actually learn something, like the magic link between Jennifer Connelly and space travel :)