Let Amber live

So I saw The Grudge 2 recently (warning: spoilers abound) - blame my non-movie-connoisseur status for not having seen the first one - and was surprised to see it included Amber Tamblyn. She's better known to me as Joan from Joan of Arcadia, but I remember her also as 'the girl who died at the beginning of The Ring'. Having her name listed as 1st in the opening credits assured me that she has main-character status and shouldn't die within the first 15 minutes, but as with every other horror movie heroine she gets herself mixed-up with the frightening forces that be and her chances of mortalility become higher by the minute.

I shouldn't have been surprised that she dies in the end, but I was really hoping that she'd live. Don't ask my why. The only explanation I can come up with is that it's like those nature documentaries where one week you're following the gazelle and rooting for them as they run from the lions, then next week you're following the lions and cheering them on as they go after the gazelles.

So that makes it Japanese Horror Movies: 2, Amber: 0. Here's to hoping that sometime in her career, the genre allows her to live to the ending credits.