Library categories

Looking back through my previous posts, I'm quite surprised to see that the books I read haven't really been mentioned. There is no Books/Reading/Library category (well, there will be one after I write this up) despite books, reading, and the library being the things I carry most often, the thing I do in my spare time, and one of my favourite places to just kill time in Wellington, respectively.

(Hell, it's books that propelled me to write all the sorts of stuff I keep in the Writing section of my site, which in turn transformed the main page of this site into more of a blog than just updates of my projects like it used to be. And it's authors like Maureen Johnson who got me into Blog Every Day April. Suffice it to say, books, writers, and writing have definitely made things more interesting around here.)

Authors and their blogs do get mentioned here or there on occasion. Today's mention will be Scott Westerfeld, a science fiction author whose more popular works actually live in the young adult (YA) section of the library: the Uglies "trilogy" (4 books, with a 5th as a sort of companion of the Uglies universe to be added), and the Midnighters trilogy.

Uglies book cover
The author is also in talks for a possible movie adaptation of the series

I actually came across Scott's work when it was just stuff in the vanilla-sci-fi section of the library (The Risen Empire, and sequel The Killing of Worlds). I've been meaning to read his Uglies trilogy for a while - I even had it down as something I might buy for myself last Christmas - but only got around to it now because the popularity of the series means the books are always on loan.

I managed to get a hold of the first book in the series, Uglies, last week, and was so hooked that I used every spare moment I had to read it and finished just yesterday. When I went to return the book today, I looked-up the sequel, Pretties, in the library database to see if it was available. Just my luck - the 3rd copy of the book was available! So I made a bee line for the W authors in the YA section of the library... and couldn't find it there :|

Hmm, must be in one of those special displays or other sections that highlight good books, I thought, so I started going through the entire YA section of the library, searching for this one book.

So that's how I spent my lunch break - looking like a lost soul, travelling many times over the same ground, drawing stares from the seated readers as they watched and wondered why this grown office-working adult male is wandering around the section of the library filled with books mostly aimed at teen and pre-teen girls...

I eventually found it after referring to the library database once again; seeing that the book was just returned today, and finding it in the Recently Returned section of YA. But my discovery-of-the-day award would actually have to go to this new category of YA books that I came across.

On the same shelf as long-running YA series' with categories such as 'detective stories', 'chick lit', 'horror', and the like - each separated by a vivid appropriately-labelled yellow bookend - was a category so specific that I was surprised to find it filled with just as many books as every other category:

Exclusive academies for rich kids who form cliques

The kind of stuff you'd find in there? Gossip Girl.