My sympathies

2 blog posts in one day?!?! Is that a pig I see flying past my window?

Well, this one is a bit of a plea for help. You see, at work we often pass-around and fill-out cards for others whenever something eventful happens. eg: lady I was working with gives birth to baby boy, we all fill-out a card to send to her, wishing her well on her new job - motherhood.

Often I've been able to get away with writing whatever the hell first came to mind. In the case of the new mother, I think I wrote something to do with sleepless nights and baby vomit. In the case of a recent card given for 30 years of service with the company, I made some remark about how they've been working longer than I've been drawing breath.

Breathing - it works bitches!

But the card I was given today is about a death in a co-workers family for which they're travelling to attend the funeral, and I don't know if my usual wit is really appropriate for the situation.

The first thing that came to mind was "Well, that sucks." Somehow, that doesn't seem like a good start.

So, umm, help? What sort of things would you - Facebook readers in particular, since you're the only ones who can actually comment on my posts on my wall - write in this situation?

(and yes I really need to get around to allowing comments on this site)