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October Sigh

I signed-up for this service a while back. Well, by ‘signed-up’, I mean I put myself into the waiting list for Hi some months ago when I first read about it. I thought it’d be a good service to use for writing about my San Francisco trip come September.

September came around, and the Hi e-mail was still lacking from my inbox, so off I went to San Francisco and SpringOne 2GX, having to write about it all in the traditional way, ie: when I came back home and sorted through all my luggage and photos.

2 weeks after having come back home, I wake up to an invite from Hi.


So yeah, I wanted to use Hi to write about my trip because I wanted it to be more about what I could write (as is my normal method of communicating the happenings in my life, hence the blog I’ve now had for at least 12 years) instead of what photos I could take - I’m not an Instagram person.

It’s a bit late for that now, what with it being October and all. I pulled the calendar down from the wall this morning, flipped it over to a new month, and sighed a little at seeing that time of year when I turn another year older. The thought was blogworthy, so I thought it’d be good to use Hi to try write this little tidbit, see if I can’t use this service for something after all. I’ll probably still try to reflect it on my main site somehow (code something to scrape this info maybe?) since I don’t like having all these disparate musings scattered throughout the internet.

We’ll see how this goes.