Opening-up the XML

I've expanded the XML format of the units/structures just recently to try make allowances for several types of animation combos, like the one found in the original Red Alert war factory. Modders would have noticed that the war factory consists of 2 animations: the base, and the opening/closing door to let the unit roll out.

Previously, I only allowed 1 animation, and that made it so that the war factory only had the base showing. Now, I've got both the base and door showing as expected.

By allowing the definition of multiple animations for any unit/structure, Red Horizon can now cope with the simple case of the war factory, and some more radical cases like multiple-turret units/structures Yes, I've opened it up so that you can have multiple turrets placed on a single unit/structure.

With every new option like this, it does make the coding take a little longer, but this is one of the goals of the project: to open-up the modding possibilities of the old C&Cs. Admittedly, I kinda like what I'm getting myself into.