I made myself a birthday cake earlier this week (I did get other birthday cakes on my birthday - an anonymous cake in the letter box and a surprise cake on my birthday - so I don't feel like a total 'forever alone' sad sack by doing this), and one thing I've been doing with my more recent cooking endeavours is, once I have a product I'm actually proud of, I feed some to my guinea pig.

Cat and guinea pig

No, not an actual guinea pig, but a human test subject. A pregnant human test subject. If my food's good enough for a pregnant woman (a group who seem to be the fussiest eaters these days. I don't know what it was like in my mum's day, but I'm pretty sure the women of that age ate whatever the hell they wanted and babies turned out fine), then it's gotta be good enough for everybody else right? I didn't actually seek out my pregnant friend for this reason, it just happened that she works near where I work and I could get a hold of her for lunch to try the dessert I made that time.

When I made my birthday cake - a marbled coffee cake with a layer of chocolate frosting in the middle, inspired by that site and a chocolate history/recipe book I got for my birthday - I asked my guinea pig if she'd like to try some. Before I could even list the ingredients though, she had already made-up her mind:

coffee = ick

don't hate me

I was actually quite sad to learn that she couldn't stand coffee and because of it she wouldn't be going anywhere near the cake :( I mean, I don't like coffee either, but in any form that isn't a drink, I can enjoy it. I sat at my computer with a sad face for a bit too, glad that the facade of Facebook chat was sitting between us so she couldn't see my disappointment.

I needed to find new test subjects, so in my disheartened state I overcompensated for the loss of 1 person by texting/messaging way too many others.

The cake ended-up being shared between 5 other people with who I was so eager to share it with (maybe because I was still all *sad face* over my guinea pig not wanting cake) that I ended-up with just 1 slice for myself.

The cake is a lie
Only because I lied to myself