Still working on Red Horizon and the section for it. Firstly, I want to get the first milestone release done: a showcase of my ability to display the old file formats of Red Alert & Tiberium Dawn.

All of the file formats are now readable and playable, but I want to add some optimizations, especially the videos. Just yesterday, a 4MB VQA video file took 200MB of memory to play it! While I had a good laugh at that, I know that is totally unacceptable and so have begun to work on it. As of today, that same video now takes 100MB of memory. Hopefully, after implementing some sort of 'streaming-content' system, the memory usage should drop to somewhere in the order of less-than 20MB.

And when that's done, I'll put the project on hold to start work on my entry for that art competition I wanted to enter (link on the right). It's about time I created a new picture anyway :)