Whoa! WTF?! I just got the notice that my old hosting plan (the one I had before moving to where I am now) has been terminated. About time too, 'cause I stopped paying for it and asked to close that account several months ago! Anyway, I thought I'd make sure that it was just the hosting, not the domain name part, that was cancelled, and made a trip to my site. And what should I get but some error saying that ultraq.net.nz cannot be found! So I went to check-up on my domain name account (which is still managed by the guys who just terminated my hosting account), and the entries pointing to name servers, and other things were all gone!

Sorry to get all technical on you, but I had to re-create all those NS, CNAME, and A records so that people can once again find my site. In summary, everything's back to normal, but I'm just a little bit more pissed-off than I was a few days ago >:|