Happy New Year everyone! To welcome 2007, I'm half-way through my Christmas / New Year holiday, and enjoying every little bit of being able to do nothing at all. Not that I'm sitting on my ass eating chips all day, but it just feels good to not do anything which might have adverse consequences.

On the Red Horizon front, I've managed to get streaming animations and sounds (and thus, videos), so watching/playing any of the vids/sounds doesn't suck-up 200+ MB of RAM like it used to. So if you were to run this program and expect it to play C&C Red Alert, it would:

  • display the title screen
  • play the intro video
  • play the 'select a mission' animation
  • play the first mission briefing video
  • display the first mission map

And that's it.

The maps are only what I had in the last screenshot I posted: terrain, ore/gems, fences, trees. I haven't yet got around to creating an actual unit you can move around. And to think that when I started out, I thought I'd have a moving unit within a few months...

I'm also thinking of making whatever source code I have available for download sometime this week, before I finish my holiday and have to go back to work. When I first announced this project, some of you expressed interest in getting the source, if even just to see how I write my Java code.