Significantly above waist height

(apologies if I don't seem my usual self through my prose or writing style or whatever it is that manages to reach through my blog posts and into your heads - I'm a bit tipsy right now. I need to stop letting people leave unfinished bottles of wine at my apartment for me to finish by myself)

Something I've written about before, although only in story e-mails, are the security keypads at my work. Using these keypads, there's a sensor in it somewhere that used to detect the presence of these company-issued security tags to let only authorized personnel enter a work area. What I loved about these things is that, when combined with the tag that I wore at waist height, I could feign all sorts of silly acts in my attempts to unlock the keypad. Acts like: pretending to rub my ass right up to the keypad when I wore the tag on a belt buckle closer to my back, or pretending to thrust my crotch at the keypad when I wore the tag on a belt buckle closer to my front - the possibilities were endless!

I only ever did these in-front of one workmate (who has since left) just because it was the sort of thing he'd do too.

Now, those last paragraphs were all in past tense because, as of last week, they changed the security system.

Security keypad
(no, the keypad at work didn't look anything like this, but I couldn't find any 'wagging ass at keypad' pictures)

The system is much like before: something you carry with you that, when put into proximity with these new sensors, will let you into areas of the building you are authorized to enter. The problem with the new sensors is that they are installed significantly above waist height. No, they're not way up at shoulder level or anything as high as that, but they're just high enough that I can't really get any rude part of me up to meet it without jumping. I only need to jump a little bit, but even a 1 centimetre rise above the ground is more effort than I'm willing to make for a small joke, thus my fun is ruined.

I know I said in my last post that I'd try not to let work get to me down/stressed as quickly as it used to, but when they start taking away the 'perks' of my job, it gets kinda hard to maintain my positive attitude.