In a previous post I talked a bit about the concept of Three Thirtyitis. After that, you should understand what I then mean when I'm suffering from 10am-itis.

My Twitter update sums it up rather well:

Woke-up early to meet friends for breakfast, is now fighting sleep by blasting American Idol tunes through headphones d(O_O)b

So this morning I woke-up a lot earlier than usual (1 whole hour! *gasp*) so I could meet-up with friends for breakfast before work, and on a Monday morning too! The attraction of such an early-week early-morning get-together was to see people we don't often see. Well, that was the premise from the point-of-view of the organizer. For me, I'd been lucky enough to actually see the others rather recently.

Despite that, I made it through the cold, the rain, and the soul-crushing darkness that is the overcast cloud cover which has blocked sunlight from the city for several days now. I and one of the other train-riding guys caught the same train and made it in early. The next to come along lives a couple of suburbs away. The last person was actually the one who lives in the city and is the closest to the breakfast venue... typical. It was good though: breakfast was alright, company as always was great, lots of lols were had.

But wow, I feel so drowsy right now: my eyelids are being drawn to the ground by more than just gravity and my concentration is so far detached from my mind that it's almost like having an out-of-body-experience. I would normally eat something sugary to keep my consciousness afloat, but this doesn't feel like a blood-sugar thing. If this were after lunch, maybe I'd try sneak-in a power nap, but that's not gonna look so good having just gotten into work. So instead I've settled for playing tracks from this seasons American Idol contestants a bit louder than usual through my headphones.

Loud music
How non-coffee drinkers wake up

Surprisingly the volume therapy is working wonders. The only downside was when a phone call came through and I picked up and put the receiver to my ear while my headphones were still on.

Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those people that needs about 8 hours of sleep a night to function at 100%. I'm not somebody who can either operate on less sleep or supplement rest with coffee or a wide variety of energy drinks. I came across several of the latter kind at university, or at least discovered that a lot of my friends could also fit into that category. One of the guys always kept a 6-pack of V energy drink at their workstation and ended-up collecting them to create a massive tower. Wandering around my floor at work, I see one of the older guys doing the same thing with his takeaway cofee cups.

Can tower
Achievement unlocked

All that's left for me is to catch up on lost sleep tonight. I only fear that I'll fall asleep on the train home - gently rocked by the moving carriage, lulled by the sound of the electric engine - and miss my stop. I've done that before...

m(_ _)m ZZZ