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The leafless trees, my fancy please, their fate resembles mine

I’m on vacation for skiing this week! :)

For those unfamiliar with the layout of the North Island of New Zealand (and my skiing habits), going skiing means finding your way to the big mountain roughly in the centre of it (Mt Ruapehu) and then choosing one of the 2 ski fields on opposite sides of said mountain to spend your time on.

In previous years I’ve gone with friends from high school / university days where we spend a week at a lodge on the mountain by the northern ski field, Whakapapa. This time I’m here as part of a ski weekend organized through ceroc/dancing (don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on here that I used to go to dance classes), then a week for a friend’s birthday, on the southern ski field, Turoa.

While the ski week means I can’t make it to writing group this month, I could still participate in this month’s exercise as it could travel with me. This month we were each given a postcard with a line accompanying the picture on the front, and our exercise was to come up with something related to the front of the postcard, that could fit on the small space on the back.

The picture and line I got you can see in the photo above and the title of this moment.

The line got me thinking of poetry, and because of the small space at the back (unlikely to squeeze-in my usual short-story-sized ramblings), I thought it’d be a good ‘fit’ for this month’s writing exercise.

The leafless trees

The leafless trees my fancy please
Their fate resembles mine
The leafless tree lining the streets
Sweep passed to kill the time

Driving up to snowy peaks
A holiday backdrop
Driving up to slalom slopes
To slide and skidding stop

Crowding the winding mountain path
They tell me of their tale
Crowding all available space
Met wind and snow and hail

Their shades of white reflecting bright
The glare from sun above
Their shades of white reminding me
This season that I love