Too old for my shirt?

I'm currently wearing a shirt that has on it a polaroid of a cartoon chicken, and written underneath the photo are the words, "Photo of my cock". You can see the joke pretty plainly (I remember laughing when I got it - it was a gift), yet for the first time since I got it all those years ago, I'm actually a little uncomfortable wearing it.

I've got a friend who has a lot of these kinds of shirts - shirts that flaunt some kind of personality trait via comedy that makes you both laugh at the joke, then laugh nervously in hopes that the shirt isn't serious. His shirts have that kind of effect on me - they make me laugh upon seeing/reading them, but then make me wonder because, on some level, there's a hint of truth to those shirts. One pins him has him as a bit of an alcoholic (and he does drink a lot, then again everybody drinks a lot relative to me); another is up to interpretation, pinning him as anything from that 'bad boy' that mothers warn their daughters about, to being a possible paedophile that parents warn their children about (either of which make me question whether he's the kind of person I'd ever trust my non-existent kids with).

I'd never have the guts to flaunt any of those kinds of shirts, so usually stick to relatively tame ones. I used to think my current shirt fit that bill, but when I took a step back this morning, where I used to see a double entendre, all I see now is a dick joke.

That is attached to my chest.

T-shirt - Photo of my cock

My age and changing attitudes have turned me into a walking dick joke. No wonder I'm uncomfortable.