I've just been re-arranging some content on this site as the stuff for me to watch over just becomes more numerous. The most noticeable change is the assigning of the Wallpapers section to be a subgroup of Artwork. The most un-noticeable change is the biggest one: the re-writing of the JavaScript that is used to display the content. Hopefully there shouldn't be any broken links, and any that were caused by the new scripts I have caught. If there are some dead links leading to pages that look like there should be something going on, it would be really nice if you would let me know. Contact e-mail address is on the left, where it has always been :)

Keeping everything at Brinkster in-synch with my local copy has always been difficult. Trying to get by without FTP isn't easy, and that upload interface of Brinkster's isn't top-notch either. But hey, it was all free.

So, as a Christmas present to myself, I'll be moving the site on to bigger things (ie: a paid service). Goodbye ads, and hello convenience!