And a very belated happy New Year's day to you all.

I've been looking into putting my space wallpapers up on deviantArt prints so that I can maybe make a dollar or two from doing something I enjoy. Sorta like work, except that it's the work you want, the work you like. I've received a few comments here and there encouraging me to do so, hence my slight interests in it. If only I could find-out if my work is of a quality (in terms of image size for printing) high enough for the sizes of prints I want to make available, before putting forward the printing subscription fee. So before making any hasty moves, I'll ask around for some more opinions before committing to anything.

Speaking of space wallpapers, I have another one to share:

This one was intended from the beginning to be a potential print: a large portrait-oriented wall-scroll/poster. I've made it into a wallpaper as well, but because of the orientation, it doesn't really fill the screen like the previous ones. Still, don't let that stop you from checking it out.