Another small update, but this time on the state of Red Horizon. The small subsection dedicated to this project is pretty much done, but will only be a (very long lived) temporary home. It really is a mess, especially the progress section. For something of this magnitude, I should create a whole new look-and-feel subsite using that 1 subdomain I get with my hosting plan :P

As for progress on the program, I've got pretty much everything done EXCEPT gameplay! So it installs, starts, shows some options, but when you hit play... nothing happens! When you hit the close button of that 'nothing happens' phase, it shuts-down, hopefully taking with it all of the resources that it took. I'm pretty confident that it does, but I should write some small aspect profiler to verify that.

In other news, my entry for the art competition didn't receive a pedestal position, so I guess that's that :(