After a long nothing-to-report period, I've finally got a new space wallpaper to show for it. It's not trying to be a complicated one like previous wallpapers, and it's more of another shot at using Terragen than anything else. So it's simplicity just means that there's less of a chance of me to screw it up :)

Aside from that, development on Red Horizon has been pretty slow these passed months. Just recently, I've been helping one of the JOAL (Java bindings for OpenAL) developers try to figure-out an issue in the framework, which was preventing Java programmers from using OpenAL's EFX extensions (think advanced mixing and effects for OpenAL). The results of which have been positive, and I hope my assistance can help other Java programmers be able to use this feature in the future.

There was also C&C3, which kept me away from making updates to Red Horizon. Nothing like a good sidetrack to keep you going eh?