Website redesign 2009 - part 3

More site updates:

  • JavaScript effects are now in place
  • Twitter feed is now displayed to your right...

...or so it should be if you're using Firefox.

I've recently installed the Google Chrome browser to see how my site fares using it (and because of some 'OMG Google Chrome pwns' rants from my brother), and let's just say that the site experience isn't exactly great in it:

  • background images at times were missing
  • PNGs with CSS opacity don't display correctly (this is a known bug with Chrome)
  • and Scriptaculous - the JavaScript library I'm using for the effects - either runs slow or not at all

Although if one of my earlier posts is anything to go by, cross-browser compatibility isn't my greatest concern at the moment. I'm really just having fun messing-around with all this new stuff!