Website redesign 2009 - part 4

Gonna take a break from the business blogging tips for today to just mention some site updates that have finally kicked-in.

Firstly, the SEO-friendly URLs are now in place. That is, no more URLs that look like: Content?Page=Blah&Thingy=Blah. They now make a bit more sense to both people (more human-readable) and search engine spiders/bots that crawl the web.

Secondly, I removed that fancy overlay effect from the Artwork and Writing pages because it actually prevented someone from middle-clicking the links to open them in a new tab. Whoops. So a big fat usability blunder on my part.

So what's left on the 2009-redesign-to-do list? Automatic updates.

Updates to this blog are actually reflected in Facebook, but for me to get them to show up I have to go to Facebook and give it a kick in the guts to let it know that a new blog post is up. It's a small annoyance, but one that I've been meaning to remedy for a while now.