Dirty Laundry

I don't know, there's not much that can tempt me away from laundry. The joy of separating whites and colors, the sweet lullaby of the water and clothes spinning around and around, the sound of the machine beeping once its done, that fresh 'just washed' smell, the overpowering happiness you have once you see the stains are gone, and then the ecstasy of hanging them up to dry...*sigh* even just thinking about it make me happy :)

The above are words (not mine) from a back-and-forth e-mail conversation in which we got to talking about laundry. The subject matter was originally about meeting-up for a walk after work, but after saying something like 'sure I'll come along since the only thing waiting for me back home is the laundry', the sarcasm level in the conversation rose and the other person chose to respond with the above; effectively saying that she would've picked doing the laundry over any other activity any day.

Her words gave me an idea, and I responded in kind: