Mid-March came along, and I started wondering if there would be a Blog Every Day April (BEDA) this year. In anticipation, I started stockpiling stories and topics to write about, which explains the 3-week gap since my last post. That, and I kinda directed my creative efforts into 2 story e-mails: one of which is the Dirty Laundry story mentioned in the last post, and the other which I'm holding-off from posting until the fallout it created has died-down significantly.

However, as April crept closer, the proponents of last year's BEDA movement (young-adult fiction author Maureen Johnson and a tonne of her fans of which I am one) made no mention of it, and Google doesn't seem to point to any bandwagon for us lost BEDA-2010-hopefuls to jump on.

And as March 31 became April 1st, and all I got was a bunch of sites doing the April Fools' thing, my hopes for BEDA faded, and a part of me breathed a sigh of relief while the rest of me made a sad face.

I really enjoyed BEDA last year: the challenge, the semi-rushed creative process, and the reading of blogs of other BEDA participants, particularly those of my BEDA Buddies - people grouped together to read and comment on one another's blogs in an effort to keep us all going for the whole month.

Then again, I also enjoy getting a good night's sleep and wasn't looking forward to updating the 'Blog Every Day April' category on the sidebar since modifying categories is still a bitch without the site updates I'm still working on.

So, without BEDA as an outlet for my stockpile of stories, expect an influx of blog posts over the following days as I work through the backlog in my brain and the photos I've collected on my phone.

Landlord Wants Action real estate sign
Ad for a building, not your mum