Hello hay fever

So I'm out of the city - back with the family in the suburbs as I make my next move for buying a place - and having now spent 2 nights back in my old bed and room, I've noticed something here that I've been missing during my time in the city: hay fever.

The family house isn't like some sort of rural setting surrounded by rolling hills without a neighbour for miles; it's a pretty average suburban setting, but the house has it's own Lawn in both a Front and Back Yard, as well as Bushes and Trees around the back. When you wake up you hear Birds and can see Trees out my window. Whereas my now-former-apartment was a massive concrete block with just 1 big tree outside (probably only there because it was there before the building was built and so resource consent couldn't be obtained to cut it down) and the sounds of chirping have been replaced by the sirens of emergency vehicles. But in the city I never really get hay fever.

It's kind of sad to think that my body is better suited to an environment where the air is full of cigarette smoke and car exhaust than it is with whatever stuff nature throws into it. It wasn't always like this though: I remember when cigarette smoke used to make me physically ill. As a child when I spent too much time around smoking adults (like when my parents went to a friend's house and brought me along) I'd spend the next day vomiting into a bucket. Now, the only consequence of spending time with smokers is that I have to send my clothes to the laundry because the smoke has infused itself into the fabric.

Epic smoking
Chain smoking++

It's too bad my body can't do the same thing with pollen or whatever it is in the air that throws my immune system off-kilter.

Short blog post tonight as I should get some sleep; I have to get used to catching the trains into the city again O_o

Oh, and I have, in just this month so far, surpassed the the most number of posts I have made to this blog in a single year (26 posts this month now, 25 posts in 2006).