Hello low-pressure water

Following on the back of yesterday's blog post, here I thought I'd mention a couple of other things that I'll be missing from my time in the city (and looking forward to when I return).

High-pressure water for showers

This was something I never knew I had until I moved into the city: shower water that can cut through my thick mop of hair and reach my scalp. At first I thought the water pressure at my old apartment was too strong, but, as with everything else, I got used to it. Then, when I spent a weekend with the family soon after moving out and had a shower, I was surprised at how weak the old shower was.

For years I had been showering with this water pressure, but only in that weekend did I notice that the rain does a better job than this! The water just hit the top of my hair and then slid away as my slightly oily hair built a protective shield over my hair which this low low low pressure water couldn't penetrate. No wonder I like rainy days; it's because only then am I properly washing my hair!

High pressure hose
Now that's my kind of water

No more trains

No longer having to schedule my life around the train timetable was probably the biggest plus of city living. It meant I could spend more time out when I was with friends, most of whom live in the city too. Dance classes were also something I could extend without the trains; previously I'd cut the classes a bit short so I could catch the train home at a reasonable hour of the night. Although one thing I learned was that soon after the time I would normally leave to catch a train, my dancing would start to deteriorate. So maybe it was a good thing I caught the train when I did.

I could also enjoy other events held in the city a bit more when I didn't have to think about how long it would take for me to get to the station.

Thomas the Tank Engine
Don't let that smile rule your life

Home and Away

If you told me that I'd end-up getting hooked on a soap opera if I left home, I never would've believed you.
But that's exactly what happened.

I normally leave work just after 5pm, and with a 20 minute walk to my former apartment, it positioned me perfectly to watch the pre-news show, which happened to be Home and Away - before that it was The Biggest Loser. After work, sometimes I just wanted to vege-out in-front of the TV, and given the timing of my return, Home and Away became the show I wound-down to.

With the train schedule, I can't watch this show without leaving work early, but I don't exactly feel like going to work earlier to make up my hours. Luckily for me the national TV station has a Home and Away omnibus on Sunday morning which plays all the previous week's episodes back-to-back, so I don't have to miss a thing!