New scanner

Just when I thought I was getting too old for presents, I bought a new scanner and suddenly it feels like Christmas has come early! :D OK, so technically it's not a present as I bought and chose it myself, for myself, but the result is the same: I have a new scanner!

If you must know the exact model, it's a Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F. It's a huge step up from the old one, which was also a Canon, but was a relic from the pre-Internet era: a parallel port scanner. Actually, I'd probably still be using that old scanner if it wasn't for the fact that I no longer have access to a computer with a parallel port, and that it doesn't play well with a USB-to-parallel adapter.

So what made me buy it? Well, I've been drawing again in an effort to re-train myself for a big drawing project I'm aiming to do, and I had just finished a sketch that I was relatively proud of. My first thoughts were along the lines of "Ooo, gotta scan and store this one", which after some more thinking soon became "Crap, I can't use the scanner anymore".

Always amazing what necessity makes us do :)

So I went on a bit of a scanning spree and scanned several drawings new and old.

Thumbnail for 'Virginia 1'
Thumbnail for 'Virginia 2'
Thumbnail for 'Amelia Windrose'
Thumbnail for 'Sofia Taylor'

Not my best work, but... new scanner!