Not-so-nameless neighbours

And so we enter the first day of Blog Every Day April. Like Maureen Johnson, this'll pretty much be a day-by-day account of my life this month.

So what exciting things happened to me today? Well, today I walked to work with my neighbours.

I was late to work as usual, waiting for the lift to get to my level, when I heard the door opening to the only other apartment on this floor. Out came my neighbours, also ready to go to work.

There are 2 of them: a girl who I've encountered several times and keep calling "neighbour" since moving in to this apartment, and her boyfriend who I have seen before but never really met until today. I gave them my usual greeting - "Hey neighbours" - and we all walked together to our respective jobs.

We spent the walk talking about things that people who don't know a lot about each other talk about: work, work hours, being collectively called girls by one of the girls' friends as we passed-by, having my brother mistaken as a girl on his plane ticket, etc. The guy and I properly introduced ourselves to one another, and once they went their separate ways, I walked the rest of the way to work thinking, WTF, I actually don't know her name!

I tweeted that thought during the day (you can probably see that item in the Twitter feed to the right unless you're reading this via RSS) and found I wasn't completely alone when it came to nameless neighbours that you frequently encounter. One respondent referred to their nameless neighbour as "#12".

So I resolved to find out her name the next time we met, and as fate or co-incidence would have it, while I was waiting for the lift to take me back to my apartment this evening, I heard the lobby door open and in came my neighbours, also ready to get back home. After greeting the unnamed one - "Evening neighbour" - I found out her name.