I said to expect an influx of blog posts last week. By 'influx', I did mean more than just the 2 posts that followed, but the break between was with good reason: I attended my friends' (both bride and groom are long-time friends, so is that the right apostrophe placement?) wedding over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Heck, I was even asked to share in reading a cute poem from Winnie the Pooh during the ceremony!

So while I was there, listening to the lines that bride and groom recited to each other about affirmations of their love to last until the end of time, or until a meteor strikes the Earth and exterminates all human life, I began to notice that my cheeks started tingling, and then aching. Ow, I thought, what's going on? It didn't take me long to realize that my cheeks were aching because I was smiling.

Jaw ache

I'm not one of those stone-faced never-smiles types, but having my cheeks hurt because I'm smiling too much isn't an everyday thing for me. I did recognize the feeling though, and thought back to the other times that this happened:

  • a wedding in Feb 2004
  • a wedding in Feb 2008
  • another wedding in Feb 2008

A very visible pattern starts to emerge.

So while some people cry at weddings, I just smile a lot more than usual; so much it hurts.