So in amongst all the reading, the playing computer games, and free time, I've managed to create another drawing. Loosely inspired by a view from a balcony and some shiny lights, it's a huge departure from my usual drawings of people:

In other stuff, a computer game I'm playing nowadays is a combat flight simulator (my first since 1993's Strike Commander, yikes!) called Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Can you believe: 30 training missions and a 700+ page manual? I'm not kidding, but seeing at how realistic this game is made, I'm not all that surprised now. There really is a lot to learn, and all I've learnt with arcade-style action games (FPS anyone?) has no place in this game: I'm a total n00b here. It's graphics are pretty sub-par by today's standards, but it's not a game you buy for the pretty textures.

And I've also gone and got myself a Myspace profile, lol. If I'm going to continue along these lines, I may find myself a deviantART profile too; that place is primarily for artists.