If you're reading this, then your DNS has been updated and now points to my latest host for my website :)

After the debacle with my previous host and their JSP hosting issues (their short answer about whether I can get JSP hosting fixed: NO!), I've finally moved on to a host that can supply those services. But what does that mean for you? Probably nothing at all :P

This whole migration to JSPs was both a learning experience, and to make maintaining my website much easier for me. But that doesn't mean you've gained nothing out of it. Firstly, the space wallpapers are now available at maximum JPG quality (the ones via the links to the various resolutions, not the display image). Secondly, I've been working on adding a few walkthroughs for some of the more difficult missions in my campaign. If you go to the Campaign - Missions page, you can now find that some of those missions names have become links! Give 'em a click, you know you want to ;)

(I've used 3 smileys in this news post alone; I must be in a good mood)