The small bug found in my campaign (a crash when trying to select mission 10 in part 1) is now incorporated into the downloads for my campaign. Well, not all downloads. Only the one available from this site is up to date; I've just asked the guys at RATC to update their copy, and I've asked PlanetCNC if I can update the file that's still in their queue. Yeah, it's been several months since I submitted it now, lol. I'll update this news post when each of the sites have updated their copies.

As for my space pictures, I've finally opened a prints account with deviantArt, and have had my first picture, Sacrifices, accepted for sale! It's currently available in 12x9 inch and 24x18 inch sizes. But because it was my first one, it's not of the same 'original' quality as my later works, and so isn't available at the largest size of 40x30 inch. If you're at all interested, go check it out!