Now I've managed to get units to show-up on the screen, and to make them selectable (pics). Doing so has raised some challenges (not surprising, since I've never programmed a game before), but it's becoming more of a test of my aspect/object-oriented design skills, rather than programming sounds and graphics.

One thing I've been seeing a lot of recently is blog sites. I've even included a few of my friends' blogs to the links on the right. As well as reading their content, I've been checking-out how they're structured because I've been considering expanding this site's program to restructure the news portion in a similar way. It won't be too hard as my web host - interAdvantage, who have been very good to me considering my slightly different website requirements - includes several features in their standard plans which I can use. It would be kinda cool to finally use some more of what I pay for too. My only worry is that it'll detract from the rest of my free time, and I'll admit right now that I don't have a lot of that.

Another free-time killer on the horizon is a new space pic. I'm aiming to create something along the lines of an aurora, which will give me some reason to start using Terragen again.

Lastly, I'll need to expand the Stuff section to include some e-mails that I've been writing. Sounds rather mundane (I mean, e-mails, c'mon), but I've been writing them in a manner consistent with some of the books I've been reading during my commute between work and home (it's a long train ride otherwise). The recipients have been pretty happy with their narrative style and content, so I'll be putting them up here to archive them, and for future reference.