Bah, only now did I find-out that the link to e-mail me on the left-hand side wasn't working! Thanks to JG from Florida for letting me know that there were no e-mail links on my website :) (if you're reading this now JG, I'm creating those savegames you requested, and will have them ready for you sometime this weekend)

So that link is obviously fixed now, what else is there to say? Oh yeah, Nyerguds, the one responsible for several great C&C patches/fixes for The First Decade - has requested I make a Dune II SHP converter (create Dune II SHPs from, say, a PCX file). What use is a SHP converter for such an old game? Well, the original C&C's mouse cursors were built on that format, and he hopes to use such a tool to create custom cursors for his C&C total conversion.

I was very surprised to find-out that nobody else has done this before, so I decided to step-up to the challenge. It's bit of a sidetrack from the current stream of Red Horizon development, but I always did intend to provide a small toolset as a part of the overall project.

From a program design perspective, I welcome the addition because it then forces me to develop more separation between what used to be such tightly-coupled program modules. And so far, it has helped me to create a more robust set of file objects; ones that support both saving and loading, which will be of great help in the future.