I've been weaned off Home and Away (for now...)

Recently, I haven't been given much of an opportunity to watch the Aussie soap opera that had captivated me during my short stint of living on my own: Home and Away. In that linked blog post I said that the TV station here did a Home and Away omnibus on the Sunday morning so people who come home too late from work on the weekdays (ie: myself) can catch-up on the whole week in one sitting, but given the events of the last couple of weekends (an out-of-town ceroc dance party and a ski week covering 2 weekends), I haven't had a chance to watch the omnibus either.

I've missed so many omnibus Sundays that I find I'm no longer looking forward to waking-up Sunday morning to watch the show, and so I think I've been weaned off Home and Away.

Missing a month's worth of Home and Away will make it hard for me to get back into it; I remember missing a few days once, and when I returned I found myself asking lots of "How did that / When did that happen?" questions. Sure it won't be hard to fill-in the gaps by making assumptions here and there and just hoping that those puzzle pieces fall into place when the characters bring-up things from the past as they often do (that's pretty much how I started-out when I began watching at the end of the 2008 season), but it's my interest in the show that has waned so far into the 'meh' section of my own personal Care Metre that what's left isn't enough to motivate me to do that.

lolcat care meter

Now this piece of news will delight some of my friends, particularly those who saw my watching of the show as an epic character flaw (one person even decided to wait until we next met to call me a douche upon learning this fact). Oh you guys may be dancing around happily, but don't count this as a major victory just yet; remember I still watch American Idol with an almost religious fervour! I even bought David Cook's album! (winner from the 2008 season) Hah!

But to the others who I found-out also watch Home and Away and with whom I shared moments of conversing about the plot and the people, it looks like we'll have 1 less thing to talk about, and that makes me particularly sad :(

Circumstances do change however; I expect to be in the city again some time this year. And maybe then, just maybe, I'll be back to a place within walking distance of my work, finishing-up at my usual time, strolling home at a steady pace, and just happen to find myself in-front of the TV before 5:30pm on a weekday.